Thursday, May 26, 2011

Packing For The Trip Home

Lynn (me) Barb (sister) Caroline (niece, Barb's daughter) Jeannine (sister) Diane (friend)
I could go on and on about Paducah, the beautiful quilts, fabulous vendors, great weather, wonderful hostess and fun time with family and friends but I will stop my “coverage” of this year’s AQS Paducah quilt show with this blog entry.  Here we all are ready to start for home.  We all are squinting as we were facing the morning sun…notice our matching shirts.   Each year we buy a matching t-shirt and wear the new shirt home and attract a lot of attention when ever we stop.  We have met people in restrooms along the highways who notice the shirts and have commented that they too were on their way home from Paducah.   We have been asked if it was a good show, how we liked Paducah, etc. by waitresses or gas station clerks.  If we are lucky enough to go again next year we will wear this shirt on our trip to Paducah and purchase a new one for our trip home…..we just have to advertise our joy of the show.

It has been a few weeks now since we have been home but still the memories remain and packing to leave has it’s own memory.  We packed the car for the return trip home on the Saturday morning and I mean PACKED the car.  It is a good thing our friend Diane isn’t a quilter or sewer as she didn’t purchase much but the rest of us did our share and we had to pack creatively to fit it all in.  We know we can’t buy large items and the smaller items are creatively stuffed into every blank space in our luggage and bags.  So far we have not had to travel with items under our feet but that is always an option!IMG_2379
Until Later,

I did make a correction notation about the Best of Show Miniature on this blog entry.  I misidentified the winning quilt .  The winning quilt was Tulip Star by Lynne Taylor of Cape Girardeau, Missouri and the one pictured was the first place winner of the miniatures, "Itty, Bitty, Boutis by Jan Hutchison of Sedgwick, KS.  Sorry for any confusion.

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