Thursday, May 19, 2011

Batiks for Bags

Here are a couple of groupings of some batik fabrics I purchased in Paducah with the idea that they might get made into purses or bags of some sort.  They are not high quality batik fabrics but I just loved the vibrancy of the colors and patterns.  For bags they will be just fine.
IMG_2410  IMG_2411
Now I will have to figure out what kind of bag I want to make.  Hmmm…would like to start on one now but there are some other things I need to do first so these will have to wait.



YankeeQuilter said...

Great colors. Last year I got some batiks like this and I was pleasantly surprised how soft they were after a wash. Ended up using it on the back of a quilt (and I never use batiks on quilt backs!)

Shiree said...

so what did you decide on, was looking at some batiks today with a bag in mind, but couldn't decide on a pattern either!!


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