Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Panel Magic

One of the things that I was looking for when in Paducah was a quilt panel or two.  You know the panels that have a printed motif that can either be small motifs, stripe like motifs, block motifs or full sized motifs that go across the width of fabric.  I don’t normally buy panels but have a special reason now.  Last spring a friend and I attended National Quilters Day event at the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln where we spent the day full of fun interesting lectures and looking at beautiful quilts. 

One of the lectures we attended was given by a lovely woman from Lincoln and was on using panels to make interesting beautiful quilts.  She had lots of ideas on using panels in interesting ways….more, much more than just slapping borders on them. 

My friend and I talked about this for a while and got the idea that this would make a great challenge so we volunteered to be in charge of the challenge for the next year in our local guild.  We will be working up a set of rules for guild members to follow but basically we will have the members choose some sort of pre-printed panel and to come up with some way of using that panel in a quilted piece in an interesting way using piecing, applique or some other way of treating the panel. 

I’m not sure yet what I want to do with these panels but should work on them over the summer so I have something to show as an idea next fall.



YankeeQuilter said...

What a fun idea for a challenge! Like the Halloween panel you found...

paula, the quilter said...

I love the challenge of working with preprinted panels. Here are some links to posts on my blog where I've highlighted some preprinted panels:


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