Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guild Challenge 2010-2011

Last fall the local guild challenge was revealed and of course I put off making my quilt for it until the last minute.  I had about 2 weeks to be exact before they were to be revealed when I decided to get started.  I knew I had to stay focused and sew, sew, sew.

The challenge this year was to purchase 5 fabrics – one half yard each.  We were to cut 4 strips from each fabric that were 4” wide.  From those strips we were to cut one strip into squares, one into small right angle triangles and the third of a larger right angle triangle.  The last strip was extra to cut pieces as needed.  We were to use a design wall to plan our quilt placing the pieces to make our quilt.
Of course I decided to make it smaller and had a few problems because of it.  The 4” size included seam allowances but I didn’t think of that when I just cut my strip size down to 2”.  The squares and small right angle triangles fit just fine but the larger triangle was just a big problem.  My pieces just would not fit together right...they were just too small as you can see from one of my trial and error pieces. 
I finally drew a block using these units in EQ7 computer program and cut out the shapes and laid the fabric triangles on the paper triangles and guess what I found out?  The small triangle is the correct size but the large fabric triangle is 1/4” too small.  I re-cut a strip the right size then re-cut the triangles.  (What I should have done to begin with was to subtract the seam allowances then cut the size in half then add the seam allowances back to get the size of the strip to cut then I wouldn’t have had the problem I did.)
Our challenge was to arrange the squares and rectangles to make a quilt.  Here is a couple of photos of my design wall as I was designing making changes as I was going.
All pieced and trying out borders for the quilt.  Not the final choice but do like the colors.
Since the green border is so narrow I used the Elmer’s School Glue to attach it to the sides like I show in this blog entry.  The glue is to hold it together until the stitching is done.
Quilting the center with feathers using silk thread.
All quilted and you can see I changed my mind about the outside border.  I used more of those larger triangles with squares on the corners.
Now the grand finale – the bound quilt.  I really like the way it turned out but not sure I would do another with just triangles and squares.  I did cheat a little with the two plain borders but some of the other guild members used unpieced borders too so guess it was all right.  The finished quilt is 22” square. 
So sorry it has been a while since my last post.  The last two weeks have super busy for me.  I traveled out to help my granddaughters do their 4-H sewing the week after I got my staples out of my ankle.  I know my daughter could supervise as well as I can but she just doesn’t have the confidence.  I love helping them and this year they both sewed and one girl made a pillowcase and the other made a simple elastic waist skirt.  They turned out so nice and the girls are so proud of what they sewed.  They sure stay focused when they sew for 9 and 10 year olds I think but don't remember when my daughters were that age.  I guess they know they only have a short time to sew while I am out there to get it done.  They were both done with their projects in 2 1/2 days which is pretty quick I think. 

We had family here over Memorial Day so another busy time.  When everyone left Monday afternoon I had the two little girls here to visit for the rest of the week.  (The same ones I helped with their 4-H sewing.)  We try to have the grandkids come and stay for a few days each summer for fun times with John and I.  Last year our grandkids had to cancel our times together because of my broken ankle so it is more fun this year.  This week is for the two granddaughters and later in June is for the two boys.  Will let you know what special things we are doing in another post.

It is now my bedtime…being full time grandma is pretty tiring so need to get my beauty sleep!  I will post again when I have time…


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tich said...

Love your quilt - it is really pretty. the quilting is out of this world - sigh!!


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