Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sewing with my Granddaughters


Last week we had our two granddaughters stay most of the week.  They always like to sew something while they are here so last week I helped them make a baby quilt for their aunt.  I cut the pieces before they came so they could start in sewing right away.  Again to protect their privacy I have covered their faces with a flower shape on all the photos I am posting.

I planned out a strip quilt with 5” squares alternating with 2 1/2” strips.  There were 4 rows of these pieces and a three inch strip between and outside the pieced rows.  A simple plan but still lots of sewing for them.  The fabrics I got blend a little too much but they both loved the monkey faces and poke-a-dots and the plan I came up with so we forged ahead.  They are very patient and spent hours working on the quilt and they had it done in 2 1/2 days and that included quilting and binding.  

They have done quite a bit of stitching when they are here so felt comfortable with the machine and S even told me how to lower the speed of my Bernina when I couldn’t remember how or where the control was.  I was going to get out my instruction book to find it when S showed me….she remembered from a year ago when she stitched on it.

Here are a variety of photos of them making the quilt.  I helped pin the pieces together and did the first stitching of the binding but the girls did all the rest, including the quilting that they did with the walking foot.  I had to be on hand to answer questions and to remind them what came next but they really did a good job.  Notice the one photo of D pressing…had to remind her not to press towards her tummy as I didn’t want to have her accidentally burning herself.  (When I helped her when she was making her 4-H skirt she did touch her finger to the iron and did burn it a little so she knows what can happen so moved the iron the other way.)
It was a wonderful experience for me as well as the girls.  They were so proud of making the quilt and can’t wait to give it to their aunt.  I wonder what they will want to sew the next time they come?

On a side note I was so tired the day after they left...went to be early and slept late.  Little girls have a lot of energy.


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