Monday, June 13, 2011

Guild Workshop

Saturday our local guild had a scrappy quilt workshop.  One of our members led the workshop and we got the choice of two different free patterns we all got off the web.  These were not difficult patterns and we all could have done them at home but it is so much more fun to sew all day with friends. 

I chose to make the Scrappidy-Do-Dah a free pattern from McCalls Quilting.  This was designed by Ann Weber and Joanne Rowicki. 
Here is the start of my quilt.  I chose to use all blues so cut two squares and two strips of every blue I have in my “blue box”.   I have a lot of blues
Two other member’s quilts…the one on the right is our youngest member’s blocks.  She is about 12 I believe.  We are so glad she feels comfortable at our meetings and workshops.  She is a cutie and really likes to quilt.

The second scrappy quilt was The Next Generation of the Magic 9-Patch by Lyn Brown
It was a fun day with no yard work, laundry, phone calls, or cooking to do.  We have so much fun chatting, sharing tips and getting a large block of time to sew.

I will be blogging more about how I made my blocks next.



Deanna said...

I have made a Scrappity Do-Dah, too, but mine was green and grey. Your blues are very pretty.

Desley said...

A day of sewing - bliss!

YankeeQuilter said...

I having a Saturday mini-retreat coming up this weekend...nice to have a day to play! (ps love the blues you used!)


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