Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit!

They are out now...the tree frogs that hang out on and near our house.  It is usually around Memorial Day when we see them for the first time each spring and they were right on schedule again this year.
The granddaughters were doing a frog scan around the house several times each day and each girl wanted to be the first to see one this year.  I think they both discovered the two on the old gate I have Clemantis vines growing on at about the same time.  They heard them croaking, singing....what ever you call the sounds they make so started really looking.  When they called me out to see the green tree frogs I had a hard time finding them at first.  They were so excited to find them and pointed them out to me.  Later that same day we found several others on other parts of the outside of the house.

I think it is amazing that some of the tree frogs we have are bright green and some are more brown and some are kind of grey.  I wonder if they change colors or if their coloration is like humans different colored hair. Or are they different breeds.  Anybody know?

We have only been seeing tree frogs in our area for about 10 years.  I don't know why we all of a sudden had so many show up but they are quite fascinating.  They really like to sit on the windows at night to catch bugs, especially on windows where we have room lights on.  There are always lots of bugs hitting the windows being drawn to the light so it makes sense the frogs would be there too. We have seen them catch the bugs and eat ate a lightening bug and then spit it out.  It must have not tasted too good.  It doesn't seem to bother them that we are just on the other side of the glass watching.

This morning I woke up early, 5:30 am, and needed to get a drink of water and then was going to settle into my recliner and read a while until John woke up.  As I was passing the kitchen window I caught a movement that startled me and turned and looked and there was a pretty large tree frog in the middle of the window and it was walking towards the top.  Grabbed my camera and got these shots if it.   (The grid is the screen on the inside of the windows.)  Check out their little toes where they have the sticky pads or what ever helps them stick to the sides of walls/windows.  
No sewing going on here the last few days….granddaughters sewed this week and after they went home I had to catch up on my yard and garden work and my rest.  Nine and ten year old girls have lots and lots of energy!  The temperatures outside have been really warm the last few days too.  Today it was 95 degrees F (35 degrees C).  I was trying to get the last of my flowers planted and had to take several breaks to cool off as the humidity felt high too so it made it just horrible the mosquitoes have come out in force the last few days, ick.  I purchased some flowers this last week as the prices were cut in half and thought I could stick them between other flowers somewhere.  I did have trouble finding places for a couple so next year I must not,  repeat….I must not buy so many flowers.

Have a great week….I need to do some more work outside and hope to do that in the mornings and maybe I will have time for some stitching in the afternoons.


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