Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blue On Blue Borders

The pile of extra blocks are ready to be lined up for the borders.
The blocks all laid out for the borders on the quilt.
Whoops, I have one extra block.  I thought I had made 296 but must have miscounted.
Border blocks all stitched but now I need to buy some fabric for the 5” spacer strip and an outside border.  What color should I look for?  Actually this beige carpet doesn’t look too bad does it?  I think if I go with another blue it could look pretty muddy.  Let me know what you think?  What color, what value?

Until later,


Deanna said...

Blue would probably work, depending on the blue you chose, but what about yellow or gold? The beige is nice, but if you are worried about "Muddy" perhaps a similar-but-clearer color would be helpful. There is nothing muddy about yellow/gold.

Elaine Adair said...

The extra block HAS to be your label! It was meant to be.

Yes, the beige is not bad, but could be better. Hard to tell until a person can see the fabric.

But it's a beauty!

Nicky said...

I would go white or pale yellow or pale grey depending on the effect you would like...yellow would be my favourite

Ivory Spring said...

Love the border! And all the blues make me smile. :)

tich said...

Beautiful quilt!! What decision did you come to?


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