Friday, July 22, 2011

Window Remodel

We had 3 windows removed from our basement and replaced with glass blocks.  The windows were leaky, old and the window wells were small and not that much above grade so rain water would overflow. Just imagine John outside bailing water during a pouring rainstorm, at night and me inside manning the shop vacuum sucking up all the water pouring into 4 rooms and trying to keep the mess to a minimum.  We will be having the two bedroom windows in the basement replaced with larger windows and larger window wells to make escaping in case of a fire much easier.  Replacement of them will happen a few weeks from now as our “Fix It” guy is a kid that grew up near us so he is working on the windows on the weekends. 
Poor guy was working during days of upper 90s temperatures and high humidity.  He said it helped to have the box fan blowing on him as he worked but I’m not sure I would agree - hot is hot no matter what.   His shirt was sopping wet after a few minutes working.  Great kid and is doing a good job. (Well, maybe not a kid anymore but still a kid in our eyes.)

We have a big mess now to clean up in the basement as the cement saw really made the dust fly in the first room – the furnace room.  The room was cordoned off with plastic but the air-conditioning was running and sucked up the dust and distributed it through out the basement and some upstairs too.  That is the price we pay for fix ups.  The other window was draped with plastic closer to the window.  If this job keeps the water out it will be well worth the clean up.  If you are interested you can click on the group of photos to see before and after photos and some of the process.

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