Thursday, July 7, 2011


I played with my Canon DSLR camera on July 4th and tried to take some photographs of the fireworks we watched that night.  I braced the camera on my knee to take the photos and think that if I would have had a tripod they would have been better.  I didn’t know what settings to use so just experimented and got the following photos.  Anyone that knows what settings to use on a DSLR camera please let me know and I will print them and put it in the camera bag for the next time.  Still Interesting shapes and colors even though they are blurry.
IMG_3250  IMG_3269
IMG_3244 IMG_3245
IMG_3253 IMG_3247
It was such a beautiful evening with no wind and the town had sprayed for mosquitoes so they weren’t too big of a problem.  We did spray with mosquito repellant though to keep the few that were looking for a meal away.  One interesting thing we saw just before the fireworks started and it was almost dark was a bat.  Yes, a bat was flying erratically up and down the street where we were sitting.  It would change directions quickly then off in another direction just as quickly.  I presume it was eating those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs.  I don’t think I have ever seen a bat flying before.


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Erin in MI said...

You've never seen a bat?? I wish!!! We've had one in our house every year since we've moved in 10 years ago. We seal any and every hole we can find after it happens each year, but they still seem to find ways in. And why our house, that's what I want to know! LOL

DH knows about camera settings, I'll see if he has some cheat sheets he can lead you to.


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