Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grandma Time at the Ranch


I spent a few days with my granddaughters this last week while their parents went on a little trip.  We had a good time and I got to see them work with their 4-H lambs and them teaching the lambs to lead and practicing showing as the fair is coming up soon.  The sheep are pretty tame and are getting the idea of what they need to do when the girls practice with them now.  They will get a bath and be sheared off soon and will look so much better than they do right now.  Love this first picture of D. leading her lamb with the parade following her.  She has Maggie the dog supervising and the two black ducks, Quackers and Olivia, that the girls got at Easter time bringing up the rear of the parade.  Those ducks are so funny as they follow the girls everywhere, quacking as they go.

IMG_3356I am sure the sheep are wondering why they have to walk round and round then stand just so, over and over each day.  They don’t know yet they will get to show off at the fair with how much they know about standing and walking beside their girl in the show ring.  Don’t you love the bright pink boots S. is wearing?  That is a requirement from their parents…they must have boots on when ever they are away from the lawn around the house as there are rattlesnakes around where they live and some have been found on occasion close to the barn and the garage.  The boots won’t protect them 100% but at least it is better than flip flops!  A sheep stepping on your foot with flip flops on is not fun either so another good reason to wear boots.

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Christie said...

I remember the "lamb walkings" every summer when my (now grown) kids were in 4-H. We walked over to the neighbors' house down the road and along their pasture path to their yard,(1 mile round trip) The poor neighbors had to sit there and watch the kids "set their lambs up"! Thanks for the memories! HUGS... and stitches


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