Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ducklings…So Cute

IMG_7755Our grandsons got three ducklings this spring and we got a chance to see them when we were at their home on Easter.  What cuties!  Of course I mean the grandsons and the ducks of course.IMG_7760Two of the ducks are one variety and one is another but don’t ask me what they are as I don’t know.  The long neck ones might be called "runners" or something like that.  The two that are alike are taller and have longer necks and not quite as yellow as the other one.IMG_7772
My grandson’s cowboy boot makes a good contrast to the yellow ducks and green grass.  He has big feet for a 9 yr. old.  His shoes are larger than mine already.IMG_7775One, two, three...all together.  They were so much fun to watch as they splashed in a pan of water and dug around in the grass for bugs.  I am sure they are already much bigger by now as they grow very quickly.



Becky said...

The ducklings are just sooo cute! Gotta love spring.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

They are so sweet..thanks for sharing the pictures:-)


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