Monday, April 23, 2012

Paducah Here I Come

The first leg of my journey to the AQS quilt show in Paducah, KY starts early tomorrow morning..thank goodness it is finally time to leave.  I am meeting one of my sisters in Nebraska City at 10:00 am. so will need to leave here by 7:30 am.  Like last year we will travel to Kansas City to meet our friend then on to the Columbia, MO area where we will spend the night with our other sister.  Wed. we will leave for Paducah and arrive that afternoon.

My plan to get all caught up on yard work this week didn't happen.  I did get lots of weeding and mulching done but the final mowing of the yard (area outside the lawn) didn't get mowed.

Why you ask?  The reason is I had to completely clean my house from top to bottom and I do mean top to bottom.  OK, here is the short version of the story.  We were having a larger window put in one room in the basement by our young neighbor that works for a carpenter, also helping was his not much older brother.  I am not mad at them for what happened but exasperated that it happened is all.

The plan was to cut the cement wall of the basement for the window opening using a saw that is connected to a water source to keep the dust down from the cutting.  Everything was working well until the saw hit metal rebar reinforcing in the poured concrete basement wall.  After studying what to do they switched to a different saw and didn't realize it was creating a cloud of cement dust that was going throughout the house.

I was inside the house but taking a little nap because I had worked hours hoeing weeds in one flower bed and then using the power weed eater so I was exhausted.  When the neighbor young man alerted me I got windows open as fast as I could to maybe get some of it to go outside and it did clear it out pretty fast....but....there was a coating of dust on all the walls, floors, furniture and anything else sitting around as all the  room doors were open to the sewing room, bedrooms and bathrooms and the stairway door was wide open so the dust just rolled up to cover the upstairs rooms as well as all the rooms in the basement.

I started cleaning at 4pm on Saturday and worked until 10:45 that night, cleaned all Sunday afternoon and cleaned more today.  I had to dust down the walls, vacuum all the floors and furniture, mop the hard surface floors, run curtains and quilts through the clothes dryer to get the dust out of them...and on and on.

I did take time today to finish doing my laundry and getting stuff packed and decided the rooms not finished will just have to wait until I get home.  I do know I NEVER want to have to do all that right before a trip again as it has kind of made it hectic for me....actually I NEVER want it to happen ever again.

One good thing is I am leaving with the majority of my house extremely clean but a couple of rooms still need cleaned yet.

I had hoped to write up a few posts to be published while I was gone but that didn't happen either.  If I can figure it out I might be able to post something from Paducah from my phone.  If not you will have to wait until I get back I guess.

Sorry there are not any photos for this post either.


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