Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quilting the Basket of Flowers

IMG_4936Even though this is a pre-printed panel I wanted the applique looking motifs to stand out so outline stitched each one plus quilted some of the details matching the thread to the motif.  I chose to use Bottom Line by Superior Threads in a neutral color to blend into the backing fabric print.IMG_4937The basket has dotted lines to indicate the weave so decided to just quilt on the lines.  I used my walking foot and quilted line after line….then I really looked at what I had done.  Do you see the problem? The fabric was wrinkling in diagonal lines.  I tried quilting the lines from opposite directions and quilting them the same direction and nothing helped.  I had to sit and think what to do since I didn’t want the basket all goofy looking.IMG_4938I decided to try another quilting plan and ripped out all the lines I had already stitched and proceeded to quilt it in a zig zag motion following the lines.  I took the walking foot off the machine and put on the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator foot) so I would not have to stop and turn every inch.  I admit it wasn’t easy to stay on the lines doing it free hand, and there are places where it got a little wiggly but I didn’t get any of those nasty puckers.IMG_4940

IMG_4971Now doesn’t that look better?

Background quilting is next so stay tuned.

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