Monday, July 9, 2012

Machine Quilting with King Tut

IMG_8910This sample was quilted with King Tut thread by Superior Threads.  This is a 100% cotton thread that is a 40wt 3 ply thread so it is a thicker thread than some.  I used a size 14/90 topstitch needle in my machine to accommodate the heavier thread.  This particular color, 902, is a variegated thread that has a very subtle shading from dark to medium blue. The Superior Threads website says the color changes are every inch and is available in 133 colors.   A beautiful thread that has a medium sheen and is not linty at all.

I loved the way this thread stitched and it was easy to get even stitches and it paired well with the Bottom Line thread also by Superior Threads in the bobbin.  I didn’t have to adjust the tension on my machine even though the King Tut is a heavier thread and Bottom Line is a finer thread.

I have used this thread before and loved quilting with it then too and would recommend it for any quilt that you want the thread to stand out more.

Other facts about this sample – stitched using my Bernina 730 and using my BSR, the batting is cotton but I don’t know which brand as it was again just a scrap and the stitch length I used was the default stitch length even though the thread was thicker.

I am practicing some of the motifs I want to use when machine quilting and trying out new ones in these samples.  If you want a closer look at the samples just click on the photo to get a larger photo.

Good news here today….we woke to rain!  It has been so hot and dry here lately and rain was not forecast but guess it developed during the night in a small area of Nebraska right over us.  We feel like we won the lottery!  We ended up with 1.5” here at home and close to 3” near town which is 5 miles from our home.  Knowing how much it has rained is important to farmers so they all have rain gauges out and it is a topic of conversation among them.  Enough rain, like this morning, means the irrigation wells can be shut off for a while at least – this is a big deal as each engine burns about 4 gal. of fuel an hour and we have 11 irrigation wells on the land we own and rent.  You can do the math so even with a few days of the wells not running can save $$$.  Enough farm talk for now but suffice it to say we are walking around with big smiles on our faces today.


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You were so lucky to get the rain. We're still waiting. Every time it clouds up we're hopeful, but no dice so far.

Amy said...

I too like King Tut. Its my favorite for machine quilting.


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