Friday, July 13, 2012

Machine Quilting with YLI Machine Quilting Thread

IMG_8917Another green sample, this time machine quilted with YLI Machine Quilting thread.  This is a 100% long staple cotton thread that is 40 wt and 3 ply like the last two threads I reviewed.  This thread is also a variegated  thread like the other two.  This is the color Jewel 12V.

The variegation is not subtle and the color changes are obvious but most of the colors in this thread seem to be pretty much the same value with just a bit really dark and really light.  The thread is pretty smooth but does have a little more fuzz than the King Tut
I enjoyed stitching with this thread – used my Bernina 730 with BSR foot, size 14/90 topstitch needle and the default tension and stitch length.  I sandwiched this with Old Glory, Old Fashioned Cotton Batting.  I did not like this batting as it seemed tough for my needle to pierce.  Like my other samples I used Bottom Line for the bobbin thread.

The spool itself is an odd size - too big for my Jammer Boxes and the wrong kind of spool to store in the box with my cone thread.  I have the few spools I have purchased over the years stored in a small drawer but forget they are there occasionally when looking for thread to use.

This thread gives a bold look so if that is what you are looking for this would be a good choice.

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