Thursday, July 19, 2012

Machine Quilting with YLI Silk Thread

IMG_8928This is one of my favorite threads to use to quilt my miniature quilts.  It is YLI Silk thread and is a very fine thread.  The spool has #100 on it so don’t know if that is the weight for sure but am guessing it is the weight as it is a very fine thread.  It is 100% silk thread and machine stitches so nicely.  I used a small 70 topstitch needle to stitch with this thread.

This sample has cotton batting but I don’t know what kind or brand as it was just a scrap.  From now on I hope to label all those scraps but have quite a few small unidentified ones I am using for this project.

I love that I can quilt small motifs with this thread and not create bulk like heavier threads do.  I used my Bernina 730 with the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator), Bottom Line thread by Superior Threads in my bobbin, Color number 241 for the silk thread and I didn’t have to adjust the tension or stitch length on this sample.  If I were quilting a miniature I would shorten the stitch a bit to make it more inline with what a miniature should be.

Seems like these posts are getting shorter and shorter.  I guess another thing I want to stress is when I have been quilting these pieces I do not rip even if the quilting turns out not so hot and wiggles all over the place.  I want to try out these different designs and sometimes it is the first time I have tried them so the quilting lines don't always go where I want them to go or the lines don't flow.  I don't want to spend the time ripping so everything stays as it is first stitched.  Some designs I will try again and some just didn't work.  I am planning on using these samples not only to see what the threads look like s they are quilted abut also as a recording of  different quilt designs I can look through when I am quilting a new piece.

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Mary L. said...

I love this thread with a #8 microtex sharp needle and wool batting ala Diane Gaudynski.


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