Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Machine Quilting with Premium Sulky Cotton Blendables

IMG_8916Sulky has two weights of Blendables thread – the 12 weight and the 30 weight.  The 12 is really heavy but the 30 wt. feels similar to the YLI Machine Quilting Thread, King Tut and Signature threads and that is what I used on this sample.  I believe it is a 3 ply thread and this variegated thread has color changes every 2 1/2” – 5”, color number 733.  The thread did blend from one color into another and there were not too many spots where the thread was too light or too dark.

It is a very smooth thread like King Tut so leaves very little lint in the machine when stitching.  I used a size 14/90 topstitch needle, Old Glory Old Fashioned Cotton batting (will not buy again as is tough for needle to pierce), Bottom Line bobbin thread.  Like the other samples I quilted this with my Bernina 730 with the BSR.  I need to practice more without the BSR as my skills at free motion quilting on my own without the aid of that foot have diminished lately.

This thread comes in lots of different colors so is easy to find something to work with most any project.  The spool has a pop top to wrap the thread ends so the spool doesn’t come unwound when stored.

One thing I might not have mentioned is that I spray basted the fabric front and back to the batting in all of my samples.  Normally I don’t use spray basting for my quilts but needed something quick and easy and since the samples are small the basting holds just fine.

I am using Machinigers Quilting gloves to aid in moving the fabric sandwich as I quilt.  Normally I like to use the Halo Ring by award winning quilter, Sharon Schamber, but it doesn’t work so well right next to the edge of a quilt and since the samples are small they are mostly edges.  Here is a YouTube video of her using this rubberized metal ring.

That’s all for now folks…

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