Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Machine Quilting with Signature Thread

IMG_8912This next sample was quilted with Signature Machine Quilting Thread by American & Efird, Inc., color 457.  This is a 100% cotton thread and is a 40wt, 3 ply thread.  Like the King Tut thread it too is a variegated threads in shades of blue.  I found several differences between this thread and the King Tut thread and for me it put the King Tut thread above this Signature Thread by a mile.
Here are the differences I noticed…the color changes are not so subtle and go from very light blue to very dark blue so when stitched some of the tread almost disappears since the color value blends into the background fabric color.  This gives a blotchy look to the quilting at times.
Second it is very, very linty which means that I needed to clean out the bobbin area and had to stop a couple of times with this small sample.  If you were doing a large quilt this could become quite annoying.  This thread is less expensive than the King Tut thread but I am thinking I would rather pay a little more and not have to deal with the lint.

Good things about this thread is that it stitched well on my Bernina 730 with the BSR foot and a size 14/90 topstitch needle, stitched well with the Bottom Line thread and required no tension changes on my machine.  It is a thicker thread so will give a more bold look to the machine quilted stitches than a finer thread.  Again stitched on a cotton batting of unknown brand with the default stitch length.

Guess that about covers this thread.

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