Monday, September 24, 2012

Beautiful Day for a Trail Ride

A week ago the saddle club we belong too hosted a trail ride for the public.  John rides horses but I don’t so I help with the registration and serving lunch.  We had 100 riders and horses register for the approx.. 15 mile ride.  Here are a few of the riders waiting to start the ride.  It was a little chilly in the morning but warmed up nicely by noon as you can see everyone is pretty bundled up for the start of the ride.
The ride starts in the center of a very small town/village.  The riders come from miles away and range in age from young children to the elderly.  The club members lead the group at a walking pace through pastures and along the river until they get to the place where lunch will be served at noon.  After lunch they all head out on another route back to the town where their trailers were parked in the morning.  The ride starts at 9 am and they returned around 4:30 pm. so this is an all day ride.  The photos below show the riders heading out of town at the start of the ride.
The photos below show the riders enjoying the noon time break and some of the horses tied up for their noon break too.
Our daughters and grandchildren came for the day too – just to watch, eat lunch and play.  The kids enjoyed walking along the river where the noon meal was taking place.  The river is just starting to flow again after drying up over the summer but it is not a big river to start with so now with a little water flowing it is probably only 8” deep at the deepest area.IMG_9979Well, a nice day plus water plus kids equals this….. IMG_9995The girls were ready to ride with their jeans and boots so off came the boots and the jeans got rolled up so they could wade in the river.  The boys had their shoes off rather quickly too.  All four of them had so much fun trying to catch minnows and tiny frogs and later climbing the trees near the river.  I think they could have stayed there all day.  It was such a beautiful day too with temperatures in the upper 70s and no wind.  (Nebraska has a lot of days with wind so having a calm day is wonderful!)

They all got a chance to ride the horses after the trail ride when John moved some cows from one pasture to another.  The girls were thrilled to get to ride the two horses the two miles home by themselves.  The younger granddaughter D was so disappointed that she couldn’t go on the trail ride but her parents didn’t think she was ready to ride that far but she has plans to ride next year if she can convince them.IMG_0021The photo above is of the riders leaving the eating area and starting the ride back to the beginning.  Since the river was so low they all made a trip up river then across it before they headed back in the other direction.

Not much quilting going on here right now that I can post about  – too much company, harvest going on…etc.  Am working on a project that as soon as I get going on it I will be posting the progress.

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Chris said...

Looks like it was a fun day! I remember my first day in Nebraska, when I commented about the wind. Someone said "You're not from around here, are you?" Glad you had such a beautiful, calm day to be with family and friends. :)


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