Saturday, September 8, 2012

Off With The Old Siding…On With The New

Sides and roof are on as well as the new doors….looks like a brand new building.  Wonder if this siding will last 45 years like the old siding did?

Hmmm….there is something missing from the new barn look.  Can you guess what it is?


shannon said...

it needs a quilt block!!!!

Paula, the quilter said...

Shucks. Shannon beat me to it.

Sandra Ludwig said...

Of course it can. The longevity of a siding doesn’t just depend on the material itself, but on the maintenance too. The things you should do is prevent mildew formation; put sun shades over the windows to protect it from heat; and cover the sidings using sealants or wet concrete. The simplest of ways to make your siding last longer. ;)

Lynn said...

Sandra - we don't have any mildew here on our buildings (much too hot and dry), no windows in this barn and the new siding is a powder coated painted metal so no sealant is necessary. I am sure things like this are necessary in other parts of the US or other countries but not here.

Aubrey Mullins said...

Something’s missing in the barn look? Is it the barn quilt? Haha. I guessed that because I saw your more recent post where you’ve already placed the barn quilt. I must say it’s a beautiful touch. I like the new look of your barn, by the way. It looks cool on the eyes. Though I’d say I miss seeing barns with red roofs and sidings.

Aubrey Mullins


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