Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nebraska State Fair Quilts 2012

What a great quilt competition-show this year at the Nebraska State Fair.  I already shared my entries and ribbons so this post will have some of the other winners.
Best of Show by Judy Woodworth – beautiful.  Includes embroidery, piecing, machine quilting.
Reserve Best of Show by Susan Minchow – another beauty.  Includes applique, piecing and machine quilting.
Best Mid/Longarm Machine Quilting by Patricia Pressler.  Beautiful quilt has amazing quilting.
This quilt was made by the Sandhills Quilt Guild and was entered in the Best of County Quilts, a separate category for quilts that were selected the top quilt from the different counties.  This is a huge quilt with barns and embroidered names that I am presuming are the owners of the barns.  The barns appear to be painted not printed.   This quilt really attracted a lot of attention at the fair as it should have.

Now a look at close up photos of other quilts on display at the State Fair.   I don’t have names to go with any of these photos nor full sized photos of the quilts so please don’t ask.  I took photos of the quilting or details that caught my eye.  With 660 quilts entered this year I couldn’t possibly get photos of all of them and because of the large numbers a lot of the quilts had to be displayed overlapped, disappointing but there was no other choice.
Please enjoy the photos to get a taste of the quilting talent in Nebraska – always inspiring.

P.S. This morning I set up my tripod and got a better photo of my miniature quilt Silk Refrain.  I captured more details with the tripod than the photos where I hand held the camera.  The silk fabric reflects the light so much it is hard to get good photos of it.

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Mary L. said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.


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