Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Look For The Barn

The barn on our place looked like this until last week.  The old corrugated metal siding was put on the barn when it was built in 1967 so lasted a long time before it needed to be replaced.  I had to look back in my older photos to find some of the barn so these photos were taken in 2004 and 2006.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of taking photos before the siding crew started ripping the old stuff off.

Taking the old siding off has presented a problem for the crew.  Why you ask?  Well take a look at the following photo where the old tin corrugated siding has been pulled off.  Notice all those nails….lots and lots of nails!  My father in law always had the theory that if a little of anything was good a lot was better and that followed through with the nailing up of the siding in 1967.  The nails are about 6” apart and the rows are 8”-10” apart.IMG_9545The number of nails is not the only problem….no, the type of nail is a problem too.  The nails that were used are kind of screw like and don’t pull out of the wood easily.  Sometimes the head comes off when the crew were trying to pull them, then decided it would be easier to pound them into the wood instead.  Still a lot of work but at least they are getting a flat surface prepped for the new siding.IMG_9546 A lot of work but the barn is getting a facelift that will make it look like new and won’t have leaks from the roof, etc.  I wonder if the horses and cows will notice?  The horses have been leaning across the fence watching the action so probably know they are getting a remodeled home already and are anxious to take up residence.


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Anonymous said...

I happily stumbled upon your blog. Thankyou for the slices of farm life that you provide. Your outside photos are wonderful. I shall bookmark your blog; Read with coffee :) Thx


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