Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jacket Fix

IMG_1073I was lucky enough to buy a new jacket that I love, on sale no less…..but it had a big problem that I discovered the first time I wore it.  This is a close up of the fabric the jacket is made of.  Notice the black shiny yarn that is woven into the basic weave of the fabric.  Well, it is pretty but my, oh, my did it prickle my neck.  By the time the evening was over I looked like I had a rash and was about ready to just jump out of my skin.IMG_1080I discovered that there was a black plastic yarn woven into the fabric that was the offender.  After investigating how the black plastic yarn was incorporated into the fabric I discovered that it was just woven on top of the basic fabric and was not an necessary part of the fabric so could be removed and the fabric would not fall apart.  I set about removing the offending yarns only in the neck, inside collar and inside lapel where I was literally scratched raw.  I decided to preserve the sparkly yarn in the rest of the garment if I could.IMG_1074I marked the roll line of the collar then using a tweezers I pulled the yarn from the seam line and back to the marked roll line.  That itchy yard came out of the fabric like a breeze.  Looks kind of funny right now doesn’t it but look at that yarn….itchy, itchy, itchy!IMG_1084IMG_1085I used a large eyed needle to weave the ends back through the collar interfacing.  Some yarns were removed completely if they were on the inside and now it is smooth and comfortable.  I am so pleased I can now wear it and still enjoy the jacket as it was designed and no one will know there is no sparkle next to my neck.IMG_1086Here is a close up photo of the plastic like shiny yarn and all those poky scratchy bits.  It was no wonder it irritated my skin. Below is the collar with the dark black shiny yarn on the top edge of the collar that I kept and the bottom half where it is removed.IMG_1087I love to get something on sale and even better that I could remodel it to make it comfortable.  I am enjoying getting new clothes to fit my new shape as well. 

Until Later,


Desley said...

Good job!

tich said...

I cannot wear wool for the same reason, so I know how you felt!


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