Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Do I Bookmark…Part 3

Do you sew for charity?  You can find all kinds of projects to make and donate to worthy causes.  You can find local charities and make things to donate.

Do you know someone that has lost their hair due to chemotherapy?  How about making that person a soft hat to wear.  Here is a pattern to make soft hats from knits from Handcock Fabrics Store.  If you don’t know someone personally ask at a facility that does chemo and see if they would take donations and if they would give them to those that need  the hats.

Check out this website “Project Linus” where blankets/quilts are made and donated to children in need.  Again check out places in your local communities for places to donate small or large quilts.  Our guild made lap quilts for area nursing homes.  Do find out what sizes and type they would accept before making and delivering some.

How about the 1 million pillowcase challenge by AllPeopleQuilt.  You make pillowcases to donate to your local charities, children’s homes, cancer centers, etc.  Look on the website to find a list of possible places to donate pillowcases in your local communities, they have lots of free patterns too.  Our guild makes them for our small local hospital and they give a pillowcase to each child that has to be admitted to the hospital.  Like I said it is a small hospital so we can keep up with it but the nurses that belong to our guild report that the kids get so excited to know they get to take the colorful pillowcase presented to them home at the end of their stay.


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ga447 said...

I love doing items for charity, the pillowcases are so appreciative by the children's hospital. I received the sweetest thank you from a heart hospital and even the surgeon appreciated it.


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