Saturday, February 16, 2013

What Do I Bookmark

I bookmark a lot of webpages to refer to later but often times I forget that I bookmarked them.  Lately I am doing more pinning than bookmarking since I can browse my pins and see actual pictures that remind me what it is and bookmarks can’t do that.  I am revisiting all my sewing/quilting bookmarks and will share some of my favorites with you.

This first web page is by Four Twin  This tractor is one of the free applique patterns on their website.  There are a lot of free applique patterns plus some paper pieced patterns as well.

Post 414 (1)
There are great pieced alphabets on this blog Wayne Kollinger’s Sketch Book.  He has several alphabets and has been very generous about sharing them so if you are interested take a look at his blog and be sure to search around to find all the different ones.

How about drafting your own quilt blocks – do you do it or are you afraid to try it.  Here are some instructions to begin learning how to draft some common quilt blocks.  Check out this World Wide Quilting Page on drafting

The internet is a giant resource for just about anything you want to find.   If something strikes your fancy or if you want to know how do do something spend some time and see what you can find.


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