Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Do I Bookmark–Part Two

Here are a few more good resources on the internet that I have bookmarked. 

Here is a link for the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska at the University of Nebraska.  This is a wonderful facility for those that can visit but they also have a great website.  You can search the vast collection and see photos of the quilts, read publications, listen to podcasts, etc.

youtube-logoHave you ever explored You Tube to see what you can learn from the many videos on any subject.  Here is one on making Piped Binding part 1 by Susan Cleveland.  Be sure to watch part 2 as well.  I have been watching videos on using my DSLR camera while I am on the treadmill each day,  I have learned lots from the many videos, but of course there are some that are not so good too.   I take the good with the not so good and turn them off and move on to better ones.


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