Friday, February 8, 2013

Pop-Up Valentines

IMG_1154IMG_1155I like to make my 4 grandchildren homemade Valentine cards each year and this year printed the above pop-up card from this pattern I found on the web.  I printed them on red card stock and proceeded to cut them out.  I just could hardly wait to see how they would look as I LOVE pop-up cards.IMG_1158I used an Exacto Knife with a nice sharp point.  The short lines I cut free hand but used a metal edged ruler to keep the longer cuts straight.  I used the tool below to crease the fold lines.  An empty ball point pen would work too or maybe a toothpick to help score the fold lines.  The card is then gently folded to make the heart pop-up.  Make sure the printed lines are on the back side where they won’t show before you fold the card.  Crease the folds well after it is all eased into the pop-up heart.
IMG_1169  IMG_1170  IMG_1160
I had a “Happy Valentine’s Day” stamp so I stamped on the space under the heart.  It was too much of a problem to figure out the word placement on the computer since they would have had to be printed on the back side of the printed pop-up lines so it was either stamp them or print my wording by hand.IMG_1161I used tape dots from this dispenser by Elmer's to stick the inside pop up part to the outside cover but you could use regular double stick tape or glue.  I think scrap bookers use this kind of thing all the time to secure layers.  I put the dots on one side of the pop-up section then stuck it inside the white printed card.  After that side was adhered I put the tape dots on the second side and pressed it together to make sure they were all stuck well.  DO NOT put tape dots on the actual pop up part, or guess what, it won’t pop-up.IMG_1165When I cut the outside white card cover I cut it about 1/8” larger than the red pop-up insert.  On a couple of the cards I had to do a little trimming to make the edges even but most of the pieces fit together pretty well.IMG_1163
The finished cards are all ready to mail.  I printed the graphics from the internet and tried to pick something special for each of the grandkids.  I also made one to send to my mother too.  Just Google “Pop-Up Card patterns” and you will find lots of designs to try if you want to make some too.

Can’t wait to hear from them when they get the cards as I think they are so cute and the pop-up part was so much fun to make.



Jean Belle said...

Very cute Lynn! I had to send the link to my DD who enjoys making her own cards. Thanks for sharing.

tich said...

These are lovely! You are clever!


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