Sunday, January 11, 2015

Springtime Melody #1

I love making whole cloth miniature quilts from silk fabric.  The sheen on the silk when the design is quilted accentuates the designs and besides that the fabric is just so pretty.  Recently I found out that our local Joann fabric store had a few pieces of 100% silk so I purchased several 1/2 yard cuts and chose a spring green color for my next project but first needed to draft the design.  Since I knew that I wanted a central design surrounded by borders all stitched in a contrasting thread I started on the middle area.   I worked on designing 1/4 of the center and after drawing, erasing, and re-drawing I got something I liked.  I then scanned the design and used Photoshop Elements 11  on my computer to set the four quarters of the design to make it whole. IMG_1835I printed off the design and worked on drawing up border design ideas.  I know if I would have drawn this design on the computer in one of the computer aided drawing programs I could have had a more perfectly drawn design but I do love to work with pencil/pens and paper so opted to hand draw my design.  It doesn’t look like a design that can be embroidered with one of the fancy embroidery machines since it does have it’s irregularities and I certainly don't want viewers to think I just used an embroidery machine to stitch out my design after all the work I put into drawing and stitching it.
At this point I thought I was done with my design that measured about 8” square.IMG_1841The more I looked at it the more I thought it needed a bit more in the blank spaces so took half of the central design and snugged those designs up against the outside border.  Now I like it and there are still areas for background quilting to make the designs stand out.IMG_2662Next up – transferring the design and the most fun part, the machine quilting.

Until Later,
Please remember these are my photos and my design so do not “borrow” them for your own use.

4 comments: said...

Oh My! This looks amazing! Keep us posted, can't wait to see! L

Jeanna said...

That is a very exquisite design and will look stunning on whole cloth.

You are a true artist!

Cynthia Dortona said...

Lynn, Looking forward to seeing the progress on this project.

QuiltShopGal said...

Really beautiful Lynn. I look forward to seeing you stitch this out. And I think you are on to something and want to encourage you to consider writing a book, or at least a booklet or pattern with your designs for sale. They look like great fun to stitch out.

And thanks for the tip for finding silk at JoAnns. I'll check my local JoAnns out to see what they have. There is also a superstore, about 1 1/2 hours north that I am going to try to visit later this month.



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