Monday, January 26, 2015

Treadmill Distraction

IMG_2888I am not one of those people who love to walk on the treadmill, I need some type of distraction or I go nuts trying to make myself walk.  I constantly am checking to see how far I have I’ve walked and how much time has elapsed, counting down so I can stop for the day.  I discovered  a year or so ago that my laptop computer sits very well on the ledge behind the controls and I could walk and watch videos. It helped to distract me from the actual walking time/distance as I would get focused on the video not realize how long or how far I had walked.IMG_2891I decided to subscribe to The Quilt Show a few weeks ago and that is a wonderful distraction for me now.  I am not letting myself watch it unless I am on the treadmill.  How is that for incentive to walk?  I had resisted subscribing for a long time but since I don’t subscribe to any quilt magazines anymore I decided it wouldn’t be anymore expensive than a regular magazine subscription so went for it.  I have learned lots and have thoroughly enjoyed the programs and extras I have watched so far.IMG_2893Here is my view as I walk the miles away.  You see I have more than The Quilt Show to watch.  This photo was taken a few weeks ago when we still had snow on the ground and our cows were in the field across the highway.  Love watching them as they graze. They take a bite, chew, walk a step, take a bite, chew and walk another step....back and forth across the field.  Once in a while one gets behind the others a ways and runs to catch up as if they might just miss something.IMG_2895The shows have been very interesting and I am really glad I subscribed.  There is so much information to be gleaned from from this website I am glad I am a Quilt Show member and recommend it as a good buy and worth the price.

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Jeanna said...

I would much rather walk outside than on a treadmill but I also do not have the extreme cold weather in my neck of the woods. Watching videos while on the treadmill is a great idea. It's like multi-tasking.

I haven't subscribed to the Quilt Show but I've heard so much about it. They ran a special last week, I think, and now I'm sorry I missed it.

sewengel said...

I am also a member of TQS and LOVE it and have been to many tapings. Pretty view for you.

Sharon Iin Colo.


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