Monday, February 16, 2015

Blog Help

I need your help.  Feeling very smug I thought I would add a “Pin It” button to each blog post following directions from another blog.  I got the button installed and it was showing up at the top right side of the last post on basketball.  When I tested it out I found that only one of the photos showed up on the Pinterest selection page and greyed boxes with broken links for the other photos.  Two test photos below for testing.2013-08-10 20.30.18
I removed all the html code that I had pasted on the Settings to try and correct the problem.  Clicked on Settings then Posts and Comments then Post Template where I had pasted the code.  I thought everything would be back to normal and tried to pin from my blog and it would not load all the photos again and still had the greyed squares with the broken links.  I tried the post on making the valentine cards and no photos there either, just broken links2014-11-06 12.51.19Can anyone help me?  If you would try to pin from this post or any others on my blog please let me know what you experience.  If I am reading another person’s blog post I don’t seem to have any problems pinning to Pinterest.

OK - now it is a few hours later than my original post.  Installed a new Pinterest button to my tool bar on Firefox so not sure if that is what made the change but now if I hover over one of my photos a pin button pops up and I can click on it to pin the photo to Pinterest.  Does the button pop up for each of you?  I still get the greyed boxes with the broken links if I click on that button on my Firefox tool bar though.



Carol said...

I only got all greyed boxes from this post when I tried the Pin It bookmark I use on my laptop. I went back one entry to the basketball post, clicked on my Pin It on my bookmarks bar and there were 3 boxes, the middle one was a bb photo (the other 2 were greyed out) and then another photo on the far right of you, it's your "About Me"photo. I generally just use my own Pin It button I have up on my bookmarks bar and majority of the time do not have any problems pinning from a blog whether there is a Pin It button or not. Good luck! That's my 2 cents!

Virginia said...

I was successful pinning using Chrome in my iPad. I selected your home button then pinned from there using the share option on Chrome. This is the usual way I pin. I checked Pinterest and it shows up in my Quilt Inspiratiin folder. When selecting the pin I'm able to return to the corresponding blog post. Hope that helps.

Geta Grama said...

I can't Pin from Firefox. I installed PIN IT button using this tutorial:

I hope you saved your html code before making any change.

Paula, the quilter said...

• If I just click on the photo it just makes it bigger.
• If I hover on the photo until the 'Pin It' button comes up and I click on the button, it will allow me to pin it onto one of my Pinterest boards.
• I use Firefox


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