Friday, February 20, 2015

Closing Of A Quilt Store–End of an Era

A good friend of mine owned and operated a quilt shop for 23 years, since 1991.  She decided to retire and closed the shop at the end of October.  She has reduced her inventory with a big sale and had a couple of garage sales after that and now her inventory is down to a fraction of what it was when she was in business full time.  Janet ran her shop single handedly, except for when she had special sales or would bring someone it to work when she took an occasional day off.IMG_1596Our last photo at Quilter’s Delight, Janet’s store, in Holdrege, Nebraska.  Me on the left, Shirley, Janet, and Fay….best friends.  We have been friends for many years and enjoy getting together for lunches, dessert, chatting and room together each summer at the Nebraska Quilt Convention.  We are all quilters plus a few other hobbies thrown into the mix.  We don’t get to see each other real often as we live a few hours apart so make plans several times a year to eat and play catch up on our lives.  Our last time meeting at the store was bittersweet but we are happy for Janet and the new chapter of her life.

When the shop was open and doing business she had over 9000 bolts of fabric and now there are only around 500 left.  That still seems like a lot of bolts and it is but looking at them on the shelves it didn’t seem like many.  Of course Fay, Shirley and I had to purchase some fabric, books and patterns one last time.  You know we just “needed it”!  Janet is having one last garage sale in March and then Quilter’s Delight will only be a great memory.

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Seems like this is happening here too. Endless Mountains in Pa is closing and I am closing my stained glass shop. Thankfully I have 2 other places to buy fabric, 35 miles away....


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