Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nebraska State Quilt Guild Challenge–Kay’s Block

IMG_3031The challenge rules are posted at the bottom of this blog post if you don’t remember from my other posts about this challenge.  Kay is a former art teacher and an artist in her own right as well.  She painted/drew the wonderful grasshopper block.  It is just fabulous, don’t you think?IMG_3065Janet added the pinwheel blocks to border two sides before getting it to me to add another border.  After looking at it on my flannel board for a while I came up with an idea…..circles again.  I love the circles on the original block and wanted to repeat that motif if I could and satisfy another requirement or two for the challenge.IMG_3033
IMG_3034I  had a piece of gradated fabric in the perfect shades of green to use as my background for the circles.  I drew double circles on paper and cut them out to try out arrangements to see what I liked best.  I first settled on just having them float upward and had the papers pinned onto the strip of fabric for several days while I evaluated it. As I was thinking and studying the block I pulled these batiks from my stash as candidates for the circles.   One day as I walked by it occurred to me to have the circles make a path similar to the ones in the original block.IMG_3058Here are the circles made of fabric with fusible on the back and arranged on a diagonal – so much better than just floating straight upward.IMG_3060In this photo they are fused down and then stitched with a machine blanket stitch with it's mirror image using several orange, yellow and green threads I pulled from my thread stash.  Not sure that is the right term for the stitch but it looks like a blanket stitch going both ways out from the straight stitch that runs next to the applique.IMG_3062
IMG_3064Ready to send off to Fay.  One block left to work on but I am wondering if I will be doing circles on that one too!

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Challenge rules -It is a round robin challenge with a team of 4-5 quilters of your choice.  Each quilt will start with a 9” finished center block.  You will build around the center block using borders with the following shapes—pinwheels, circles, diamonds, applique, and some embellishment.  The front of the quilt must have at least one of each shape listed but you may use more of these shapes if you wish.  Each quilt cannot exceed 120 total inches around.  It must be quilted, bound and a label sewn on the back.

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