Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Blog Feedback Needed

I would like to know if you hover over the photos below with your mouse if you see the pin button pop up on the photos and if you can click on it to save a pin.Clouds Reflecting Sunset - Barn Quilt
Wasp on fall blooming ClematisI took these two photos in late August of the barn with the barn quilt on it and the other one is of the fall blooming Clematis that happened to have a wasp on one of the blossoms.  Those clouds in the east reflecting the setting sun were just beautiful.

I really appreciate any feedback you can give me as I try to straighten this out.

As I sit here at the computer and look out my window I am seeing white, white snow blowing and swirling around.  Good day to stay inside and sew which is next on my list.
Until Later,


Sophie Brown said...

Yes, when I hover over the picture, the Pin button shows and I can click on it to save it. Beautiful photos, by the way!

Virginia said...

I see this has already been answered, but yes the Pin icon is available when using a computer. Pinning via a tablet is difference as it is a 'Share' option.

Virginia said...

I decided to do an experiment, mad scientist at work lol
Anyway, I was using Chrome on my computer without any issues with hovering and using the Pin popup button. Decided to give IE a try - nope didn't work. I have a new computer, Win8 & IE 11, with the Pinterest extension installed. When I hover the option to Pin isn't visable; if I select the Pin button from the command bar most of the pics are grayed out; if I click on the pic which opens without any text then I can Pin using the command bar Pin button.

I don't know if this additional information muddies the waters or not, just hope it helps

Suzzy Q said...

I'm using IE and no pin button

Geta Grama said...

On Firefox, NO!


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