Monday, February 16, 2015

Go Big Red! Cheering On The University of Nebraska Women’s Basketball

John and I have so enjoyed our Christmas gift from our children this year – season tickets to the University of Nebraska Women’s Basketball games.  They gave them to us early so we could take in the games before Christmas and just yesterday we attended the last one we can make it to this year.  We have a long legacy of UNL alums as my mother was a 1944 graduate, myself and John graduated in 1971, our daughters and both sons in law in 1997, 1999 and 2000.  Besides these immediate family, 4 of my mothers 5 siblings graduated from UNL and my 4 siblings graduated from there as well as many cousins, nieces and nephews.  We love the University of Nebraska!2015-01-03-14.41  We have great seats and a wonderful view of the action below and have already told our daughters they can get us the same thing next year and if they are not planning on the same gift that we want to get the tickets ourselves.  We have really had fun going to the games and cheering  for the team.  We went to one game a couple of years ago with a cousin but did go quite a bit  when our daughters were attending the university a number of years ago.  One of our sons in law was in charge of uniforms and oftentimes had to be in attendance at the games the times we would visit so would all go and cheer on the team at the same time as visiting with them all.  Since that time we have not gone, until now.2015-02-12-20.27We do have 1 1/2 hour drive to get to Lincoln and so far have only had one game we couldn’t attend because of a blizzard and drove home in a snow storm one other time.  Weather is always an issue here in Nebraska so we know that can happen and have to be flexible.   Quite a few games have been at 2 in the afternoon on Sundays which is a wonderful time since it isn’t so late to drive home but this past week one of the games we attended didn’t start until 8 and it was midnight by the time we got home.  Not fun to drive that late anymore.2015-02-12-20.26The games are held in the newish Pinnacle Bank Arena in the Old Market area of Lincoln.  The first event held there was just August 2013.  It is a great facility, easy to drive to from out of town and wonderful parking that is also easy to get to and close to the arena.

We have shared the tickets with our daughters and niece when we couldn’t attend for various reasons so that has been nice too.  We can’t attend the last two games next week since we will be gone on a trip but one of our daughters will be using them.  Will have to check online to see how they played I guess.

Until Next year...Go Big Red!

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Julie said...

As a UN-L alum, I loved your entire post. Go Big Red!


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