Monday, August 4, 2008

Marked borders - Miniature Quilt Photos

I got the entire outside border on that mystery quilt marked yesterday afternoon. It wasn't hard just time consuming. I used my light box set up and away I went. This is the first time I used the Fons and Porter mechanical marking pencil. I used the dark lead and it sure marked nice. The pencil has an eraser on the end and it seems to take the marks off ok, at least my test on a scrap of fabric came off. Even with that I tried to mark with a light hand. Will let you know later if the marks came off easy or not.

Today I have not done any quilting as the sweet corn was ready to be picked and prepared for the freezer. John helped me pick and shuck it but it was my job to get it all blanched, cooled, cut off the cob, and bagged. I finished about 5:00 pm and am pooped! I sure am glad to have it all in the freezer now - all 49 bags. I don't have my kitchen cleaned up yet but needed a break from standing. I do lay a couple of layers newsprint on the floor and counter to catch most of the errant kernels and mess. I get end rolls from the newspaper office - they give it away. Do need to pick it all up and get my dirty pans, etc. in the dishwasher yet too.

Since I didn't do anything new to show I photographed a couple of miniature quilts I made a few years ago. These hang on walls in my home. This first one is called "Not Quite a Charm" and is hand pieced in the English Paper Piecing method over papers. The small leaf border is machine appliqued with the invisible thread. The quilt is hand quilted. Have included a close up of one corner with a ruler in the photo to help with the dimensions - it is 10"x 11".

This next quilt is 18" square and is all machine pieced, machine appliqued and hand quilted. I call it "Nebraska Quasars". I quilted using dark thread on the light fabrics and light thread on the dark fabrics.

I go to Lincoln tomorrow for the first Club Sew meeting at my Bernina Dealer's store - was given a yr. free with the purchase of my 730 so want to take advantage of it and attend as many as I can. Think there is a discount the day of the Club Sew and I want to get some more bobbins, the magnifier lenses and maybe some thread. Don't know the rules yet on the discount so time will tell what I actually purchase.


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