Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mystery Quilt Finished

Well, I got the binding stitched down this afternoon so technically it is finished. I still need to hand stitch the sleeve down and get a label on it though. The machine quilting really helped the outside border not be so plain but the quilt still looks like a miss-mash in the center. The applique doesn't stand out enough and the light areas are too quiet compared to the center. I do like it better now that it is finished though. Not sure what I will name it yet as I have always called it the Mystery Quilt - maybe that should be it's name.

The wool batting is OK now that it is all stitched down but it was a little difficult to control after I got the center quilted. After the center was finished the borders really puffed out and I had to be really careful not to stitch pleats in the back or the front. I probably should have re-basted it but didn't want to take the time.

We have guild meeting in a few hours so now I can collect the rest of the stuff I am taking along. This year for our service project we are collecting food for the local food pantry. Each month it will be a different food item and tonight we are to bring canned vegetables.


1 comment:

Geta said...

Lynn, your "Mystery quilt" is gorgeous ! I love the autumn colors, quilting in the borders and the stippling is perfect !
I forgot, what size is it ?


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