Saturday, August 30, 2008

Corners Quilted - Fabric Sort

Good morning everyone! Looks like a nice sunny day even though it is supposed to get warmer than it has the last few weeks it is still going to be a beautiful day. John says the crops really need some hotter weather to mature before it freezes so guess I had better wish for a hotter day as well.

Think I will be inside most of the day unless I get out to mow later this afternoon. The grass and weeds are so wet early in the morning and don't dry off until at least noon anyway. Mowing is not my favorite thing to do but John mows now and again when he has time. Mowing the lawn is not a pain but it is mowing all the other areas of the farm I don't like. It takes 4 hours at least to get it all done and mowing the farm yard is always so dirty too. It always looks so nice when I finish that I try to think of that as the dirt is showering down on me. For you "city" friends the farm yard, with the exception of the lawn around the house, has some grass but it is mostly low growing weeds. The grass and weeds in those areas don't grow as close together so the dirt in between the plants gets disturbed and comes shooting out the side along with the cut grass/weeds. If there is any wind it blows back in your face - YUCK!

I got so much done yesterday - must have had an energy serge. At least it felt like I got a lot done anyway. I quilted the cat in the center and worked on getting the corners quilted. I really like how this is coming along so far.
Using the BSR is getting easier the more I quilt but I still quilt very slow. I quilted the outside motif in orange thread then outlined it in the silk thread. The area between the points and the motif I did the tiny circles with the silk thread. Not sure I am doing them right but they are looking OK.
Will be doing the outline and circles on the outside of the orange motifs too but will stop short of the corner a little. I want that last pointy part of the motif to point exactly to the corner so will trim the quilt and make sure it is drawn correctly then quilt that last before I bind it.
I stopped quilting early last evening to watch the University of Nebraska girls play their first Volleyball game. It was really exciting to watch them beat Stanford the #2 ranked team in 3 sets.
While I watched the game I worked on sorting my fabrics. I had hauled all the boxes from their shelves and deposited them in the family room. Figured I would get them sorted quickly if I wanted that room to be livable again, plus I would not stop at sorting just a box or two if they are all sitting out on my table and floor. I managed to get several sorted and re-folded but have a couple more to do. I took a photo this morning of what they looked like - should have taken one last evening before I started. There was fabric draped over everything, plus a few other missing things as well - have been looking for that bungee cord! Anyway it is a good start and will continue to straighten tonight.
I am trying to sort out a lot of fabrics that I don't think I will use and putting them in bags. Will use this fabric to make lap quilts for the various donation projects our guild does and thought this would be a good way to use up the fabric plus practice my machine quilting skills.
We go to the State Fair early tomorrow to watch my nieces show their 4-H chickens. Is always a fun day! Will take John in to see the quilts sometime tomorrow too. I like him to see what everyone else is doing and exhibiting and he is getting better at appreciating the quality of the really good ones and the not so good ones. At least he makes the right comments when looking at them - now he will pause and look at the quilts. Years ago it was almost a race to see how fast he could walk by the rows and rows of quilts!

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Geta said...

Lynn, the design in the corner is very beautiful. And the tiny circles are perfect !

Thank you for the information about threads.


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