Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Corn

Thank goodness I am done putting up sweetcorn for another year. I don't know how many reading this freeze corn every year or have ever done it so I took some photos this morning to give you an idea what the process looks like. This is the second batch I have done this summer so my freezer has corn ready to fix for meals all this next year. The last time I did corn a few weeks ago I had about 3-4 times as much corn to do and it took several more hours to get it done. For the un-initiated I am going to tell you how I do it. This is the only vegetable I preserve as I just can't buy corn that tastes as good as the home frozen kind so every year I insist on getting it done even though it is a lot of work.

John helped pick and shuck the corn this morning. Our 5 horses were across the fence looking at us and letting us know they sure wanted a share so I would gather up a few armfuls of shucks and toss them over every once in a while. They were in horsey heaven as they were munching I am sure.

I then brought it into the house to wash and get as much of the silk off as possible. The first photo shows all the washed corn stacked and ready to cook. I boil it all a few minutes to set the juices then the corn gets removed from the kettle and put into ice water to stop the cooking process and to get it cooled ready to cut off the cob. The second photo shows my sinks with the cooling corn. The next step is to cut it off the cob - photo 3 shows the pans of corn kernels. I use a vacuum sealer on the bags of corn that get put into my large freezer - photo 4.

The last photo is of my dehydrator. I am going to dry about half of the corn I cut off this morning and will seal it up in bags after it is dry. I have not done this for a few years but I really like using the dried sweet corn to make corn bread. I put the dried corn into my blender and it grinds it pretty fine. To catch the large pieces that do not get ground fine enough sifting the ground corn it catches those. They get thrown back into the blender for more grinding. The cornbread made from this corn is so sweet and yummy so I can't wait for it to get dry so I make my first batch of cornbread.

No quilting for me today but I did neglect to give the size of the mystery quilt yesterday - it measures 39" x 49". Need to get some yard work done yet so even though my sewing machine is calling me I have to not listen. Maybe I can sew tomorrow (especially if I refuse to see the dust on all the furniture and the clothes that need to be laundered!)

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