Sunday, August 24, 2008

State Fair Quilts

I just found out that one of my quilts received a 2nd place ribbon and the other two didn't place. I am surprised about the quilt that did get the ribbon. I had thought about not taking it as I thought it had obvious problems. You never know what competition each quilt has and what the judge is looking for. Now I am anxious to go to the fair and see all the quilts.

Five of us will go up on Wed. to work as white glovers in the quilt department. We have been going up for more years than I can remember and everyone is quick to say yes when I ask if they want to do it each year. When you volunteer you get up close to the quilts and can really take a lot of time looking at them, answer questions from people walking through the show and also as quasi quilt police. (See there really are quilt police!) Our job is to keep people from touching the quilts or damaging them in any way.

The people wandering through the exhibit range from quilters of all ages to non-quilters that don't have any idea about the quilting process, judging process or even what is machine quilting or hand quilting. It is so much fun to visit with everyone and try to help them understand if they have questions.

This year there are 371 quilts in the exhibit from miniatures to full sized quilts. The quality of the quilts at Nebraska's state fair is always very good so is a treat to be able to get the chance to white glove.

Now for the photo for this blog. This is a clay frog a friend gave me a few years ago. I am a frog collector as well as a quilter and this was perfect - a frog and a quilt together! It is only about 1 3/4" tall and is so cute. It is meant to hang as an ornament but I have it sitting on a shelf. This photo is quite a bit bigger than the actual frog!

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Geta said...

Congratulations, Lynn, for the ribbon!

Have a good time at fair. I can't imagine how is the feelling to view 370 quilts !



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