Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Machine Quilting

It seems like I will never get done quilting this Mystery quilt. I don't think I am getting better on the free hand stipples but the outside vine border didn't go too badly. At least I was more comfortable when I was quilting it. I drew the leaf border on with the new Fons and Porter marking pencil. It looks just like the Bolin one so must be manufactured by the same company I would guess. It really marked nice on the fabric and after I finish the quilt will see how easy it is to get out. I did mark really light but missed the line sometimes when I was quilting the leaves, etc.

I changed back to the heavier Sulky 30 wt. variegated thread for the border quilting. It really makes those leaves and berries stand out. The last part to be quilted is the background around the leaves, berries, vine. I changed colors of thread and am using a tan bottom line and just doing the free hand stipple - not very well again though. The space is tight but felt I needed to quilt it down since the rest of the quilt is heavily quilted.

Another contributing problem to the quilting is that I used Hobbs Wool Batting. It is way too fluffy for me and wants to puff out too much for my taste. That is why I am heavily quilting the piece. Don't think I will use that on a project again like this as the basting is not holding it flat enough - maybe I should have basted closer for this batting - hmmm? The miniature flower garden quilt I am hand quilting has this batting in it too but I split it in half and it doesn't seem to heavy for the miniature and is not so out of control puffy.

I took this photo just a minute ago from the back side of the machine. I quit quilting around midnight last night and will pick up where I left off today when I get back to it today.

You can see how the cord to my new LED light is held to the back of my machine in this photo too. I do LOVE that light!!!

My goal is to have this done by tomorrow night (Thursday) so I can take it to my quilt guild meeting. Have some things to do today so not sure how much I will get done but later this afternoon I should be able to get back to quilting so I can bind it tomorrow - at least that is the plan.


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