Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Doll Bed

Tulip Garden - 6 1/2" x 8 1/2'
Made in 1994

Today you get to see another of my doll beds. This was the very first doll bed I ever owned. Bought it because I thought it was so cute and it was only a few dollars on sale. I probably would never have started making miniature doll bed quilts and collecting doll beds if this bed would have come with a pretty bedspread. It was covered with an ugly piece of fabric so after I got it home I wondered if I could make a quilt sort of to scale that would look good on this doll bed.

That started my journey of collecting doll beds and making the tiny quilts that go on them. My friends and relatives have given me many of the ones in my collection over the years but now have put a moratorium on any more for a while at least. I have 30 doll beds that I have made quilts for and probably another 25 that are just waiting. Most of the doll beds are quite small and are the kind that doll house hobbyists use but I do have a few larger ones in my collection as well as some tiny ones.

I don't make the quilts using exact scale but design them to look right to me on the bed. I just don't want to deal with having to use math to figure out the correct scale. I design most of the doll beds on the computer now using the Electric Quilt program but this first one was drawn out by hand on tissue paper and foundation pieced by machine.

The blocks are 1" square and to give you some figures there are 11 pieces in each block and 276 pieces in the entire quilt if I added up everything right. I hand quilted this quilt between the blocks and in the border.

Guess that is all the information on this quilt - stay tuned for more doll beds and quilts revealed later.

Happy Quilting....

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Wow !!! It's very nice!!! Fantastic


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