Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, even readers in other countries that don't celebrate the American Thanksgiving tradition. I think we all need to have a time whether it is a national holiday or not, to remember all the things and people we are thankful for in our lives. Do you readers from other countries have a special holiday like the American Thanksgiving?

Of course the American Thanksgiving usually revolves around a large dinner of family and friends. Traditionally a roasted turkey is served with all the accompaniments. This year John and I will be going to my brother's home about 3 hours from here for the day. My mother will be there but our girls have other plans for the day.

Also a tradition for our family at least is to help with the dinner by bringing some food. My assignment is to bring a Jello salad. I don't make jello or at least not for a long time, but grew up with a mother that made it frequently so am going to use one of her recipes. The red Jello is mixed with melted red hot candies, shredded apples and chopped celery. It is really pretty tasty and the one of the few Jello salads I like plus pretty simple to make.

Pulled out an old quilted piece I made many, many years ago to show you since it looks kind of Autum like. I use it as a table topper but it could be hung on the wall too.

This quilt was started in a class at the NQA show in Lincoln in 1991. I got the top done right away but had never finished it until our guild had a UFO challenge in 1999-2000. That year we were to bring the UFOs we thought we could finish during that year to our first meeting in August. They photographed us with our UFOs and we had to sign a contract listing the projects we brought. At the May meeting we had to bring back our UFOs and show how many we really got done. I was quite productive and did get a lot finished but not all I had contracted though. (Kind of like putting too much food on your plate - eyes bigger than your stomach kind of thing.)

This class I took in 1991 was by June Ryker of Colorado - her original pattern for this is Designer Logs II. She is a great quilter, designer and happens to be a second cousin of my husband. I loved doing these odd shaped log cabin blocks in her design. You can not see the quilting from the front so the second photo is of the back. My machine quilting was a little wobbly but I do like the design I drew for the blocks.

I drew the designs onto Solvy and pinned it to the quilt top over the blocks, quilted the design then removed as much of the Solvy film as possible before I washed the quilt.

I do remember one thing about this quilt that was not exactly fun....all those corners and Vs to bind.

Until later.....


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FLO_rancher said...

awesome machine quilting Lynn....your minature quilts are wonderful. What did you use to draw your quilting patterns on...not familiar with that product. take care SEw Peacefully rancher and quilter who lives in western Nebraska


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