Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is one of the two aprons I made for an auction coming up in December for one of the organization's I belong to here in my home town. It was a simple apron to sew up and I got the pattern by tracing an older apron I wear all the time and love.

It is made with one layer of fabric and the edges of the arms and sides are just turned under twice about 1/4" and stitched. I used the Elmer's School glue (with the tiny tip to get a thin line of glue) on the last fold then pressed it to dry the glue then edge stitched. It was fantastic - no pins!

That worked so well I used the glue to do the top and bottom hems and attached the pocket with it too before stitching. I even did the strings with the glue.

For the strings I pressed under 1/4" on both sides, put a line of glue down on the edge of one side then folded it in half and pressed it dry then edge stitched them. This was a fast way to do the strings so I didn't have to mess with turning a small tube and getting it straight to press.
I even played with one of the stitches on my machine to make a decorative edge to the pocket.

They turned out really cute so hope they bring a nice price at the auction.

The auction will be at our house the second Sunday in December. The members and their husbands all come. We eat snacks and bid on the donated items. Sometimes the bidding gets pretty competitive between some of the men on the homemade Cinnamon rolls. It is a good time and the money we raise goes to educational projects supported by the organization.

Needless to say because I am having all those people at my house in a couple of weeks I will probably start decorating my house for Christmas on Friday. I should be cleaning the visible parts of my house but the last few days I have been trying to organize my sewing room closet, and storage pieces so I can find what I have.

I just purchased two of the taller skinny plastic drawer units. One unit sits where a shorter one was next to my sewing table and the other tall one went in my closet. The short one was moved around to the other side of the sewing table.

I have found things during my cleaning binge that I didn't even know I had. I found things that I have been looking for plus got rid of a lot of junk. Didn't get rid of any good stuff though.

I have a brilliant idea for getting rid of the good stuff that I no longer need or want. I am to do a program in January for our quilt guild and thought I would have everyone that comes sign their name to a slip of paper. After the program I would set these good but unwanted items on the table and draw names and let the gals pick out something if they want when their name is drawn. I think that this is the best idea I have had in a while but my husband says I am just giving my unwanted stuff to someone else to deal with. My argument is - one woman's junk is another's treasure - right? I'm not going to force anyone to take something if they really don't want my offerings, just giving them the opportunity.


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Linda said...

Definitely, one person's junk is another's treasure. That's a great idea and you won't have to worry about those ufo's again!
Lurking Linda


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