Thursday, November 13, 2008

Small Sewing Machine Models

I started collecting sewing machine models or nick knacks or what ever you want to call them when the prices of the toy sewing machines got so high in price. I could find them new in stores and also all kinds at flea markets and antique stores. The prices are usually not very high so makes looking for them more fun. My friends and family also joined in by giving me some for gifts over the years too. I have placed a ruler in the photos so you can see the size of each.
This first one was a gift and is supposed to be a bird feeder. It is made of resin and much too nice to put outside. I keep it on my kitchen counter and keep the drawer filled with hard candies.

The first one in this grouping is a small toy tea set. It is made out of resin and is really a fake tea set as there are no open areas for tea or pouring spouts and was given to me one Christmas.

The next two are music boxes that were gifts. When they are wound up the foot pedal goes up and down and the thread goes round and round. There is a tiny mouse on the top of the thread on the left one.

Third is a very small wind up toy machine. There is no real needle but the needle bar moves up and down.

This metal machine is a clock and was given to me by a good friend.
The girl holding the machine is a magnet and the other is a block of wood made into a stamp with the copper treadle machine on it.

The clear machine is made of glass with a little plastic used for the machine foot and wheel. The light blue one is a ceramic machine.

These two machines are made of resin and are pretty cute!
The small black machine and the treadle that is next are both sold to be used in doll houses. You know the kind of doll houses that are not for play and are usually made and decorated by adults. The next two are just small resin machines.

These two machines are hinged ceramic boxes.

These three are ornaments to by hung on Christmas trees

The first two of these metal sewing machines are pencil sharpeners. The last one looks just like the middle one but is not a pencil sharpener.

I have two of the Renwal sewing machines that were given to me. They are made of plastic and were part of doll house furniture probably made between 1949 and 1955. The furniture was all combinations of the red, yellow and blue. My machines are alike except one has yellow drawers. By lifting a flap in the back allows the machine to fold into the case. One of the machines came with the chair.
Three more machines that were purchased in Hobby Lobby for use in doll houses.
This last one is a toy tea pot. Don't know if it came as a set but keep my eyes open when I am in flea markets or antique stores.

I display these machines all over my house so taking all these photos took a little time to find them all.

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Elaine Adair said...

What a darling collection!!! Thanks for the entertaining and delightful visit. 8-)

Doll Clothes Gal said...

I love all these machines and the work you do.


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