Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quilt Guild Tonight

I have quilt guild tonight and am looking forward to the meeting and program. One of our members makes fabulous Christmas stockings so she has been asked to do the program for tonight. She plans to show how she makes them plus show us lots of examples. Can't wait for the meeting tonight as it will be fun to get together with other quilters. Have been going crazy sitting here at home.

We are also having what we call a "Jack Block Lottery" tonight too. Everyone that wants to makes a block in the chosen colors and pattern and you get to put your name in the drawing for each block you make. We used to do this a long time ago at our guild but haven't done it for quite a while. The women really liked the one we did last month and wanted to do another this month so the program chairman obliged. The plan originally was to do it only a couple of times this year. The block below is what I made and it is not a hard block and I would sure like to win all the blocks to be able to make a Christmas quilt. The blocks are 12" finished.

This is the first sewing I have done since my surgery and it sure was nice to sit down and sew something. Plan to do a little stitching on a couple of aprons I am making today.

I did finish basting an old small top I had made years ago. I had made it then put it away, then pulled it out to show as an example of how to use the water soluble thread to machine trapunto for a guild program I had to do once. It got put away again after I got 6 of the trapunto motifs all ready. It was sitting in a bag with the backing in my UFOs just waiting to be finished.

Got it out and pressed the wrinkles out of the front and back and decided I would practice my machine quilting on it. I baste all my quilts the way I learned from Sharon Schamber in her free video from her website. To me it is so easy and works really well to hold everything together. Check out her other great free videos oon the site too. As you can tell I am a real fan of Sharon's work and her videos. She also has lots of videos on YouTube too that are very informative.

The photo below is of the quilt partially basted on my table. I have never done a bed sized quilt this way but the two large wall hangings I have done worked great as well as the smaller pieces I have basted.
Maybe if everything goes right we might be done harvesting tomorrow by noon. I sure hope so! This has been the longest we have ever been at the job of getting our crops out of the field since we have been married I believe (37 years). Take that back....there was one other time I guess I forgot. That year we had to deal with snow. Remember having to wait until some of the drifts melted so they could get the combine through the fields. That was a worse situation than this year I guess so we should be thankful we have just had to deal with wet weather not snowy wet weather.

Until later.....

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