Monday, August 17, 2009

The Itsy, Bitsy Spider - NOT!

A rather pretty spider, right? Well this lovely spider is living right by my front door and is HUGE! After searching the Internet I found out it is a Common Garden Spider." This web page says it should be in our area but I sure have never seen anything like it. Did find out the male of this species is pretty small so we know this is a female. This spider's body is about 1 1/4" in length and about 3/4" across and it is about 3" across from leg tip to leg tip.

We have decided to leave it there after we read that it is not poisonous. Today I went out and looked over the porch and saw that it had a grasshopper all covered in web towards the bottom of the pretty web. Later this afternoon the grasshopper was moved to the center of the web and tonight it is gone, presumably eaten. As you can tell we are watching the activity pretty close. One thing we did notice is the web is very strong, not like most of the spider webs we see.

I am not afraid of spiders with the exception if they are crawling on my body so will let it stay out there. Now snakes are a different story - EEEEK - can't stand them and they scare the pajeebers out of me every time and don't want any living in my yard.



Anonymous said...

we had one of these on our porch a few years ago in a nice sheltered spot. she stayed almost the whole summer. you can catch crickets and other small bugs and lob them into the web to watch the spider wrap them up. it's pretty cool :-)

Bethany said...

LOL.. My husband would have a heart attack if he saw your spider.


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