Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Trip

Can you guess where we just traveled for a summer trip? We flew into Seattle and visited cousins that live north of there for a few days last week then drove across to Spokane to do the same with more relatives. The photo above is of Puget Sound.

I always love going to places that have large bodies of water as we just don't have that here in central Nebraska. The weather had been really hot in the Seattle area the week before we arrived but turned cold, cold, cold while we were there. I don't think the temps. climbed much above 65 and it was so damp too that I about froze.

Thinking that it was summer I took only summer clothes (one pr. of long pants) and borrowed more sweaters and coats and still was cold. You can kind of see how hazy the photo above is and that is how it was while we were there.

Turned on the Macro setting on the camera and took a close up photo of this rock with barnacles all over it. Rather interesting rock.

Loved these poles stuck in the ground near the shore. The reflections were just great and a seagull agreed to sit on top while I took my photos - that added to the mood I think.

The whole group of us went to the Everett Marina to eat at Anthony's and had a wonderful seafood dinner. After dinner we walked out on the pier to look at all the boats. The sun was going down by then but with the aid of a post for a tripod I was able to take these photos using a timed shutter. They turned out quite pretty. It was a beautiful evening with no wind and I must have finally warmed up a little or gotten used to the damp, cool weather as I wasn't so cold by then.

Great time but all too short. We usually don't go anywhere in the summer because of irrigating the crops but John got a couple of guys to take care of it and off we went. We traveled with John's sister and brother in law too and had a great time with them.

As you can see - no sewing for now.


Cathy said...

Sorry that you missed the heat. We were happy to see it go! It looks like you had a good time here anyway.

The water is one of my favorite things about living here. Well that and the mountains.

kwiltmakr said...

I thought that looked familiar. We used to live on Whibey Island, so very beautiful up there. I hope you went to Pikes Place Market while you were there.


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