Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Time

It seems like I am not getting any sewing done this summer so thought I would show you a bit of what is taking so much of my time. I love my flowers and yard so spend a lot of time weeding, watering, and mowing.

These zenias I have planted along my garden have been blooming so pretty. Those pesky grasshoppers have not made it out to this garden plot where I have my tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant growing. Finally the crop of grasshoppers has finally gotten under control in other places in my yard. I had to spray they 4 times - there were hoards and hoards of them a few weeks ago. Will have to get a photo of the iris to show you the damage they have done to the leaves.

We are still waiting for our first tomato to ripen. This has been the coolest summer we have had for a long time. Tomatoes need lots of hot days and hot nights to ripen. Today it has gotten really hot so maybe red, yummy tomatoes from the garden will soon be on our menu!

I worked this morning and until mid-afternoon on putting up some sweet corn. Love having the frozen packages in the freezer ready to use later. I talked about it last year here, the same process today too. We didn't find enough ripe corn today to do it all so will have to spend another day finishing up. There is nothing like the taste of fresh sweet corn. We have been eating it for a few days so I am not tired of it yet. Every summer we eat corn once a day as it isn't too long before it is too ripe or all gone so have to eat it when we can.



Fiesta said...

what did you spray the grasshoppers with? They are badly eating my angel trumpets.

The Rabbit Factory said...

You've got a green thumb for sure! Lovely flowers!


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