Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Toy for the Birthday Boy

My husband celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago and he just got his gift this week. He has always wanted a remote control airplane so got his wish. It is made of Styrofoam and has a 47" wing span and has a battery operated motor.

Last evening he got it put together and took it out for a test fly. The first flight lasted about 10 seconds before it crashed in a soybean field. I recorded the second flight which might have been 15 seconds long, again a crash in the soybean field. It is probably lucky that there was a soybean field there and that is where it went down. The growing beans cushioned it so it didn't get bungled up. It could have landed in a mud and water filled depression close by - that sure would have made the white plane look much different for sure.

It was fun to watch - eventually he will get better at flying I am sure. Of course he might want to watch the DVD that came with it as it probably shows how to run the remote and might have a few hints and tips on flying too. (You know you don't read directions or watch instructional DVDs unless you absolutely have to - his theory.)

Watch the video below of that second flight and be sure to have your sound turned up. Listen to John encouraging the plane and my voice at the end.

He can't wait to be able to fly it when the grandkids come. Haven't seen him as excited about anything for a long time. Guess we all need our toys!


1 comment:

Kathie said...

very fun! glad he finally got his own plane!


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